Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Step 1

We got our garden in last weekend!
We ended up using Trex Decking planks for the edging since standard wood would fall apart eventually and treated wood is a no-no for a veggie garden.  We got a few bags of cow manure as well to add some nutrients to the soil although we think it is in pretty good shape - there were a  LOT of worms in there!  We also did a quickie soil test kit...luckily the pH is great and does not have to be adjusted.  Here are some photos:

Our awesome custom painted wheelbarrow ready to go - our 1st anniversary gift from my sister!

Lily found the Bovung very interesting-

Our $75 Craigslist special rototiller ready to go.

Chris finished while I painted the fence we got from his parents'.  Love to reuse!

Needs another tilling to chop up the chunks from putting the boards in but we were done for the day.

And a peek of the front where the peonies are coming up!

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