Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bathroom Demo Continued

We had a busy Saturday this week - continuing to rip down plaster in the upstairs bathroom to expose the stone.  We also removed everything from the adjacent shower stall.  Both spaces will be combined to create a larger bathroom.


After!  It is a 2 step process; removing the bulk of the plaster to expose the stone, and then cleaning out the old mortar from in between the stones so it can be repointed.  You can see the cleaner side on the right.

And the still-filled-with-mortar side here.

And the shower stall is gutted:


  1. guys made a lot of progress!

  2. Love this Holl! It's looking beautiful although I'm sure it's looking even more gorgeous by now! Damn, who just stumbles upon stone like that. So glad you guys are able to make it work!

    Where were you guys showering the meantime?

  3. How did you remove the plaster? I'm in the same boat!

  4. Removing the plaster was a huge pita. Basically just whacked it with a hammer repeatedly - windows open, fans going, masks on. Sucked it up w/shopvac and loaded 5-gallon buckets to get it out to the garbage. Unfortunately there is no quick trick! Then cleaning the stone - I def recommend a brass brush + water, and lots of time. I will update soon, we are almost done finally!!