Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pasta with Bacon, Peas, and Goat Cheese

As I was perusing my GoogleReader for something different to make last night, I came upon Elly’s newest recipe.  I picked up the ingredients on my way home since we didn’t make it to the store on Sunday, and this turned out to be a delicious and quick weeknight meal.  The flavors of the creamy goat cheese w/the salty bacon were delish- Thanks Elly!  The only major change made was that I omitted the pine nuts and made ½ bag (8 oz) pasta.

8 oz. (1/2 bag) pasta (with some of the cooking water reserved)
4 strips bacon, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 bag frozen peas
2 - 3 oz. goat cheese
freshly ground pepper and salt

Cook the pasta in boiling, salted water until al dente.
Reserve about 1/2 cup of the starchy cooking liquid and drain.
Heat a skillet over medium heat and then add the bacon.  Once cooked, remove the bacon, drain on a towel, and chop up.  Leave about 2 tsp. of bacon grease in the pan and discard the rest.
Add the garlic to the bacon fat and stir, just until fragrant.  
Add the peas and some of the cooking water (start with just a little  bit of the water; you can always add more), and then the pasta and bacon.
Once the peas have warmed through, add the goat cheese and stir until it coats the pasta, adding more pasta water if necessary.  
Season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper. 

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  1. This looks awesome and I love using frozen peas. They really retain their crunch and add great texture.